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American Girl Photoshoot Ideas

I love to incorporate kid’s favorite things into their photoshoot.  

My little one loves her American Girls so here are a few American Girl photoshoot ideas for inspiration.  For one, she will never be this age again and these favorites are really important to her.  If you have a shy child or a child that is very creative adding their favorite toys will provide a feeling of security.  It’s a great platform for their personality to really shine.  They will not be as focused on you as the photographer (whether you are a photographer or a mom).  They will just end up having fun!

American Girl Photo Shoot Ideas with my little American Girl…

By photographing a child with their beloved toys, later on, it’s really great to look back to remember.  It is a reminder of how they played, how creative they were and those little expressions that may leave once they are older!  Let them be kids is my motto as a children’s photographer.  They need to play, express themselves and be who they are.  That usually includes playing!  I will always remember this age as the time where my little one played house and carried her favorite American Girl out everywhere we went.

Think of what your child loves or if you’re a photographer…ask your client what is your child into?  Is there a favorite toy they would like to incorporate maybe even at the end of a family session.

Are there toys you remember as you grew up?  I remember the ones that I treasured like Curious George and little people that I used to set up everywhere around our house.

More American Girl photoshoot ideas for inspiration:

  • Have a day at the beach…with floats, beach towels, playing a bit in the water and your girl!
  • Take me out on the town…set up an activity like going to the ice cream shop and take that best friend doll with you (just watch the ice cream with your bestie)
  • In my room…your child’s room will change as they grow.  So set up a fun playtime and get in on the pretend with them in their own space.

We decided to have a tea party which is another favorite for my little one.   We all had tea…well it was water but to us, it tasted like tea!  Remember when playing tea party at a photo session, ants seem to come out in mass so water it is but maybe juice would be a great option for you.

Just let them have fun!  And let me know if you try a photoshoot I would love to see it!

American Girl Photoshoot Ideas |
American Girl Photoshoot Ideas |

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