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5 Updated Coastal Color Palettes [bring the beach home to make your heart happy]

Coastal Color Palette Ideas Danita Brooks Studio

Coastal color palettes can easily add some laid-back appeal to your home—think surf shack and beach house vibes. The best thing about these color palettes is that they’re inspired by the natural beauty of the seaside, helping you feel like you are on a never-ending vacation.

It’s hard not to fall in love with a coastal color palette because there are so many shades of blue and green that look good together. You can go light-hearted or moody; bright or muted; retro or modern; feminine or masculine—the possibilities are endless!

Sand Coastal Color Palette by Danita Brooks

Sand Coastal Color Palette

Think of the colors of the sand—warm, neutral colors mixed with muted soft tones depending on the light. These colors can translate well in almost any room. Use it for a whole room or as an accent to a blank slate to add depth to your space. 

  • Sandstone (a lighter version of sand) and creme are great starting points if you’re looking for an earthy, neutral shade to highlight the natural beauty of your home.
  • A great palette choice if you’re looking for something that goes well with cool and warm tones—these colors look incredibly relaxing in rooms with warm walls and white trim, but it will also look great paired with deep teal or navy blue hues!
  • Add a blue or Benjamin Moore’s conch shell which is a fresh take on the color of the year.
Shades to try in this mix Benjamin Moore’s* colors such as New Age, which is a warm purple gray tone, or Desert Shadows, which reminds me of the sand in the afternoon light on the beach.
You can find my Beach Day Print here as well. 
Sea Salt Coastal Color Palette by Danita Brooks

Sea Salt Coastal Color Palette

If you’re wondering how to incorporate coastal colors into your design scheme in a subtle way, think of sea salt! Here are a few quick tips about using the shades in this color palette idea:

  • Sea salt as I call it (or very pale blue, beige, or pink) can be used as an accent color. It’s an excellent choice to lighten up dark rooms or to compliment a dark wall paint because it creates a beautiful contrast.
  • When used in small spaces, sea salt colors can help make them feel more significant, making it great for rooms with low ceilings or small rooms.
  • This sea salt color palette works well in bright spaces as well by allowing subtle pops of color to be introduced (think pale blue vases placed on white shelves with subtle sea green accents).

Use an ocean wave as inspiration (here are some ideas 😉 and see this print in my shop here.

Fresh Air Coastal Color Palette by Danita Brooks

Fresh Air Coastal Color Palette

I named this color palette “Fresh Air” because it reminds me of palm trees blowing in the wind, blue skies, vibrant plants, and colors that serve as an uplifting backdrop to everyday life! 

  • This coastal color palette would be great for a home office, especially if you work from home—relaxing but with a little kick of energy to it. 
  • It’s also one of my favorite color combinations for a kid’s room or even just a space that gets a lot of use. 
  • These colors are light and bright but not too harsh, and they work well in both small spaces and larger rooms with many windows.

Look at colors by Benjamin Moore such as Savannah Green, Raspberry Blush and Conch Shell! Art print of the Solo Palm coming soon—stay tuned.

Bay Blue Coastal Color Palette by Danita Brooks

Bay Blue Coastal Color Palette

To me, bay blue is a mix of gray, green, and blue. These colors give a lot of atmosphere to a space (think coastal drama :). Imagine the color of the sky right before a storm or sky above the ocean on a cloudy day, but it’s not a gloomy day just full of energy in the air. 

  • This color palette would look great used as the accent pieces to a room especially if you want to add a coastal feel to your home that can be changed with the seasons—it feels more like fall and winter on the coast. 
  • Use these colors to add some warmth to a space that needs a little bit of coziness added in—most of these colors are on the warm side but have cool gray tones mixed in.
  • You could use it in your bathroom or kitchen if you would like a modern take on coastal colors that remind you of relaxing at the beach with nothing but time on your hands!

Look for colors such as Conch Shell and North Sea Green by Benjamin Moore. 

Ocean View Coastal Color Palette by Danita Brooks

Ocean View Coastal Color Palette

The Ocean View coastal palette is filled with blue shades with a hint of green, perfect for creating an airy, light-hearted, relaxing feeling in any room. 

  • Use this coastal color palette in your home to create an inviting atmosphere that makes guests relaxed and want to stay longer. 
  • In an office setting, it can help keep you relaxed and focused on your work. 
  • If you want your bedroom to be tranquil and relaxing, then this color scheme might be right for you!

Look at Tropical Oasis and Whispering Spring and my Calm Waters Print for a nice complement to these colors! Be inspired by my “Calm Waters” print in both blue and green-blue tones.

Invent your own coastal color palette by playing with different hues.

Remember, the color of the ocean changes throughout the day, varying from light to dark and back again. It also changes throughout the seasons: think about how different it looks at high tide versus low tide (or even at sunset). 

The thing is, if you choose a coastal color palette for your home, remember not to get too hung up on perfection. Nature itself isn’t perfect (and wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if it were). Think about how natural dunes look—there are imperfections here and there, but they still feel balanced and calming overall. Adopt an “imperfectly perfect” or an artist’s mindset with your color choices when planning projects, whether you are painting a room or a canvas. As long as you limit your color palette and keep the hues harmonious, you will still be on the right track.

Above all, remember coastal colors should be either relaxing or fun—so play it up with pops of vibrant colors added into the neutral calming coastal hues if you want to add a bit of a spark.

Inviting is a word I also think of when it comes to a coastal color scheme. Maybe, it has something to do with those endless ocean views. For me, coastal colors invite me to take a break from life. They make me want to sit down, pour myself some coffee, and just breathe in everything they have to offer.

So whether you live on the coast or not (or maybe just wish you did), I hope these coastal color palettes and ideas will help you create a relaxing atmosphere that is almost as good as being by your favorite body of water.

If you want to add some coastal style without going too overboard, try using some of these colors in your pillows or accessories. Or use my coast art to inspire your surf shack vibes! See my prints and coming soon my new collection of coastal paintings will be released get on the list to know first. 🙂

There you have it! Which one is your favorite?

*Just a note: I am not in any way sponsored by Benjamin Moore—I really just love the quality of their paints 🙂

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