Pastel Pet Portrait

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Pastel pet portrait painting of your dog because your fur baby deserves to be on the wall…

We know your dog is already a work of art. I love doing pastel paintings of dogs. Pastel paintings bring out the unique characteristics of the dog’s expressions, and you can almost envision the dog’s personality.

I paint all my soft pastel paintings on a beautiful thick sanded archival fine art paper. My paintings begin with a subtle wash of watercolor, and end with the finishing touches that make you say “wow, that’s my dog.”

My soft pastel paintings are not sprayed with a fixative because, in my opinion, it affects the colors. But I include instructions on how to properly frame the painting. Pastel pet portrait paintings must be framed behind glass with a mat. I help walk clients through any framing questions and have some great resources if you’d rather have someone else handle the framing.

The process for a pet portrait is as easy as 3 steps —

1) First, attach a favorite photo, and pick your size. See how to take your dog's photo and light to avoid here.

2) I will get to work creating your dog’s gorgeous painting.

3) After the painting is finished, an image will be emailed to you to ensure you love it. Once approved, it will be lovingly packaged with care to arrive for you to enjoy.

Pastel pet portraits can last for generations if treated with care. A care note will be sent with your painting.

Your pastel pet portrait will be shipped within 1-2 weeks depending on the time of the year, and how many paintings there are to complete. Any questions feel free to ask right here.

The original copyright to the image of the painting will remain with me as the creator but you have options to buy prints and cards with your pet's painting.

© These images are copyrighted by Danita Brooks and Delicious Design House.