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Creamy Mushroom Sauce With Chicken [Plus a Secret Ingredient]

Mushroom Sauce Chicken with Spiral Zucchini (and secret ingredient) |

Creamy Mushroom sauce with chicken is requested a lot at our house…

Actually some of our picky dinner peeps take most of the mushrooms out of their creamy mushroom sauce. But they love the sauce!

So what’s the secret? I’ll cut to the chase, the secret to our creamy mushroom sauce with chicken dinner is white wine. And balancing out the creamy sauce with spiral zucchini makes this a little more calorie friendly and as a result, lower in carbs for me.

Mushroom Sauce Chicken with Spiral Zucchini (and secret ingredient) |

And let’s just say if you haven’t tried spiral veggies…you are missing out!  Also as a gluten-free girl, I usually would go for spaghetti squash instead of noodles but the spiral zucchini has rocked my world.  First of all, it’s incredibly easy and not complicated.  And although I love spaghetti squash, spiral zucchini has become my favorite.  Because it’s faster to cook and the spiralizer is fun to use.

Furthermore, the kids usually want to take over that part of the meal prep so I get sous chefs without having to beg.

Here is our recipe for a creamy mushroom sauce with chicken and spiralizer zucchini pasta:

Creamy Mushroom Sauce with Chicken & Spiral Zucchini

Creamy Mushroom Sauce with Chicken and Spiralizer Zucchini pasta which is so great. Because it’s delicious but relatively a fast crowd pleaser.

Course: Chicken

Prep Time: 25m

Cook Time: 20m

Total Time: 45m

Servings: 4

Author: Delicious Design House

– 2 TBS olive oil

– 6 zucchini depending on the size of zucchini

– 1.5 lbs of chicken breasts cut into cutlets

– 2 cups of pinot grigio

– 1 cup of gluten-free Bisquick

– 2 packages of baby Bella mushrooms pre-sliced

– 16 oz package of heavy whipping cream

– 2 TBS vegetable oil

– Sea salt season to taste

– Black pepper

1) first of all prep your zucchini pasta with a vegetable spiralizer set aside

2) now cut chicken breasts into thin cutlets

3) dredge the cutlets in the Bisquick to give a real thin coating (shake off excess)

4) add vegetable oil to the pan

5) preheat the pan to medium-high heat

6) sear the chicken to golden brown on both sides cook all the way through (approx 3 min per side)

7) remove chicken to a separate pan while you create the sauce

8) add mushrooms to cooking pan with sea salt and black pepper to taste (same pan used for chicken)

9) saute mushrooms for approx 5 min

10) while mushrooms saute add olive oil to a separate pan to saute your zucchini pasta

11) salt and pepper to taste your zucchini and saute for approx 5 min

12) adding the wine to mushrooms

13) bring to simmer while stirring till reduced by half

14) remove zucchini when ready and set aside

15) and then add heavy whipping cream

16) bring to a complete simmer while stirring

17) finally remove from heat and serve over chicken and spiralized zucchini pasta

Mushroom Sauce Chicken with Spiral Zucchini (and secret ingredient) |

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