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I used to laugh when asked, “what do you do?” As a multi-passionate left and right brained person, I have a deep love for so many creative and technical things. Finally, I can comfortably say, “I specialize in authentically documenting my client’s relationships in a visual way or clarifying their ideas to create systems to visually portray it best.” So whether that’s capturing a large family of fifteen for the grandparents in a fun family photoshoot, painting a portrait of that little face you don’t want to forget, or creating a branded design concept for your business—my focus is to tell your story beautifully.

What I do

Family photography

You adore your family. Each stage of childhood (or puppyhood) comes with marvelous adventures, but we often hear those famous words—”remember when.” Those sweet expressions and faces grow up, changing almost with the seasons.

I offer full signature family photo sessions and mini sessions throughout the year so you can capture these moments. Join my email newsletter to be notified of special dates.

Let’s talk—when I say “family” it often includes a newborn, the dog, and possible the in-laws. Connect with me here for more info.

CUSTOM Paintings

Maybe that face needs to be a piece of art?

I offer pastel paintings and oil paintings of children’s portraits, pet portraits, and ocean landscape painting. Coming soon—visit the portrait painting gallery and my newest painting collections.

If you are interested in getting that face on canvas or a special ocean painting, get in touch here. 

Brand strategy + photography

I create branding concepts for businesses, including web design and brand photography, to tell your business story and help you stand out from the crowd.

Get in touch and we can strategize how you can elevate your business’s branding concepts.

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