Print Size Guide

Print Sizes Above a Couch Visual Size Guide

Visual Guide to Size Art Prints for Your Home

Most average couches are 86 inches in length—so depending on whether you have a loveseat, average couch or extra long comfy couch this size guide should give you a good visual guide. You may want to use a measuring tape just in case!

For Nursery Art—

The average crib length is around 54 inches long. Here is a quick visual to give you some guidance when picking a print size for above a crib.

Vertical Art Prints Visual Guide

Print Sizes for Delicious Design House Nursery Prints Size Guide

 Size comparison for horizontal print sizes:

Horizontal Print Sizes above a nursery changing table

Creating a collection of 3 print?

Gallery wall sizes above a crib—16×20’s work well or if you are matting the prints choose 12×16 with a 2″ mat.

Three 16x20 Prints above a crib — Danita Brooks Print Size Guide

Want to make a statement with a single print?

Here is a 24×36 Size above a crib—make sure to measure your ceiling height as well.

24x36 Print Size in a nursery — Danita Brooks Print Size Visual Guide